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Today has gone really well.  I’m sitting here at almost 9pm and I’m not snacky, or hungry.  I feel a little sore in the arms (because I was doing curls with 5 lb weights while I watched the first episode of Vikings today…well for about half the show, so I’d say 20 or 25 minutes.), and I was playing loud music and dancing around my computer room for probably half an hour. 🙂

Oh, and I got my homework done, I went outside to bask in the sunlight, and I got to hang out with my hubby for a bit today.  So, I am rewarding myself after I post this, by playing the Sims 3 for a bit (New expansion. I’m geeky.).

I mentioned yesterday about how easy in retrospect it was for me to quit smoking, and I think I’m doing the right thing to kick start some new habits.  I know that I don’t have to cook separately for me and the gents, and I won’t always. But right now, I need to have this battle of wills with my brain. I basically need to wrangle it into submission and make my psyche understand that it does not get to treat me like shit anymore.  It was fine when I thought that’s what I deserved (And I know how sappy and dumb that sounds, but I have been really good at sabotaging myself like that), but I deserve to be able to dance and run and skip and be a prissy frufru flower if that’s what I want. 😀

I’ve actually been writing down different topics I wanna blab about here, so that these posts don’t become boring unreadable crap, and so I can lay some things down for my own sake, so I’ll probably start that on Sunday.  I may or may not post tomorrow night, we’ll see, but I will be back on Sunday.

(Oh, and I really think that I”m gonna be moving away from SparkPeople and just using MyFitnessPal and recipe sites, because MFP just makes more sense, the way it’s laid out and whatnot.  And it says things like this:

If every day were like today…   You’d weigh 363.5 lbs in 5 weeks



15 pushups (modified, girly pushups, and I was shaking on the last two, but still!)

20 minutes or so of curls with 5 lb weights

My Food Diary



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