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Onward! Or something. :)

So, Sunday night.  I haven’t closed out my food diary yet, because I’m thinking I may have a snack in a bit, but I wanted to get this written so I don’t have to look at a computer any more today.  My homework kicked my ass.

So, yesterday I still kept track of everything I ate, but I decided I wasn’t going to be super picky about it.  I ended the day over on fat (Yes, but that steak was good. 😛 ), a little over on protein (also thank you steak.), and HOLY SHIT ON A CRACKER! I was over on sodium.

A little over half a cup of this yellow rice I get has 1968 sodium OHDEARGODS.


Now I know, and I learned two things.  1)Read freaking labels. 2)Packaged food is sneaky and seems to be really high in sodium even with things that I would think shouldn’t be, like cottage cheese for crying out lout, and hominy. Also, brown rice for the win.

I won’t lie, I freaking panicked about the sodium, but then I was all “Settle down, skippy. Now you are better informed than you were. Move on.”

I’ve noticed that I seem to eat a lot of protein, which would be great if I were hardcore working out, but I’m not yet, so I’m gonna see about what I can add in, in place of some of it. Gonna keep the fish though, probably.  I’m also gonna start weighing myself first things on Monday mornings. I weighed on thursday last week, but that’s because I didn’t want to wait, or use “Let’s wait till Monday” as an excuse.  So, I’ll be mellow, whatever the scale says tomorrow-I know I’m going the right direction.

I will edit this post before bed-I just realized I also haven’t done my pushups, and I will go do those after I go have a minute. 10 hours straight of a homework project makes me brain numb. 🙂


Daily Stuff:

Pushups: 16 (I tried to do another, but eff. So, I’ll work on that.)

My Food Diary  (I’m kind of getting impressed with what kind of stuff I can eat.  I’m trying really hard not to be that chick who Instagrams everything she puts in her mouth, but still!)

I was under on everything but fat (The leftover steak. It was still good.). I worry though, about bein’ under on calories like crazy, but I have good energy and I’m honestly not feeling like I”m going hungry. I pretty much eat whenever I want to.  Hoping that will sort itself out, but I will keep an eye on it, and if anyone has advice about that, do tell, yeah?



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