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Monday-Goals and things

It was rainy today, but the birds were out in force, so spring is certainly upon us. This is most lovely because cold temperatures are my biggest excuse not to go walking.  So, yay to going outside more!

Mondays seem like a good day to set goals for the week, so that’s what I think I’ll do. 🙂 I have a couple, because I like to start small. 🙂

1) My goal is to drink my 8 cups of water 5 days out of 7 this week.  I seem to have trouble getting all 8 glasses a day, so that’s that.

2)Continue on with these forsaken push-ups (They’re this month’s fitness challenge from Healthy With Harlow, and by all the cheezburger-eating kittens, I will do this. 🙂 )

3)I will go outside and walk every day this week, even if it’s only in my backyard. The goal is to get in the habit of getting off my ass.

I have other goals, of course. I have a couple non-scale goals coming up, I think, that I’ll share when I get there, because honestly, they probably won’t mean anything to anyone but me.  I have both short term and long term goals as well.  My first big one will be when I stand on the scale and it reads something under 350 lbs.  That means that I won’t have to be worried anymore about whether or not a scale will work on me, if I have to go to the doctor or something.  An odd goal for further down the road-I want to be able to wear my husband’s t-shirts. 😀

I think goal setting is super important to making changes that last, but 1) they have to be realistic and attainable, or else you’ll get discouraged and quit. Trust me, I get that part.  2) They just have to be things to look forward to get you there. Once these changes have become new habits, I’m thinking there will be a lot of other perks too, you know?

Anyway, here’s the rundown:

My food diary  (I came in a little under on everything but sugar, I was over by 6)

Weight: 278 (That’s -3)

Pushups: 20 modified, mother-effers! (Now my upper arms are kinda shaky, but awesome!)

Water: 6



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