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Thursday, and how do you turn salad into a junk food?!

I work pretty hard to lead as mellow a life as possible.  See, genetics has contributed to my being, shall we say, a little high strung. *Snicker*  I know it’s genetics because I have at least one sibling who can also be a happy fun stressball. :p  So, by and large, I try to keep my life pretty mellow.  Today was one of those days, though, where mellow hasn’t really been an option, dammit.  I’m sitting here now with an ache between my shoulders from keeping them hunched all day.  Which means deep breaths and incense for me. 🙂

The point of this is that I’ve also noticed this afternoon and evening how big a part stress plays in what and how I have eaten.  I’ve found myself randomly looking through the fridge three different times.  It’s almost like I’m on autopilot. So, I’ve been munching grapes. 🙂  I did eat half of a ceasar salad from Pizza Hut.  What the hell, fast food places? How the hell do you make a salad less than ideal. Ridiculous.  Good thing I’ve been watching my sodium this week.  And next week, when we order out, I will cook for myself.  I just can’t see having an entire days worth of any nutrient in one damn meal. Silly.

So, now , even after my pushups, I feel like I need to MOVE. So, I’m gonna go look for belly dance instruction on Youtube or something. 🙂 I figure that’ll relieve some stress. 🙂



My food Diary

Pushups: 26. I’m kind of giggly and self impressed that the first 8 or 9 I’m just cranking out like a rock star. 🙂

Water: 6 glasses, but I think I will get my 8 in. I didn’t last night though.

Walking:I was outside puttering around my yard for a good half hour today. I’m so happy to see sun.



Artist and owner of Bramblefae Boutique. I design whimsical jewelry, I like good writing and good games.

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