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Friday night, and why they call me Grace.

After yesterday’s stress, I was looking forward to a fairly uncomplicated, if busy, day with my hubby.  And it was, for the most part.  I noticed something, though, this morning.  I could tell that I ate junk last night.  I woke up with a belly ache and a general heaviness. I will probably feel that way tomorrow too, because, while I was under calorie, my food was pretty shitty today because I went convenience over decent food.  Had I planned ahead, I’d have avoided that, and I know now.  I feel like I’m saying a lot of “So next time I’ll know…” but this really is a learning process for me.

I was feeling pretty cocky about my pushups and the general more positive outlook I’ve been having today, then I busted my ass in my backyard, and I remembered that as awesome as I am, I’m not hella graceful. 🙂

I almost didn’t do my pushups tonight. I just got home a little while ago, my whole left side is sore from that amazing (but funny) sprawl in my yard, and I was a little whiny.  However, I decided to at least try and see how I felt.  I got through them fine.  I don’t think I’ll be any more or less sore tomorrow for doing them, but I feel good for not giving in to excuses. I’m not saying that if I had seriously hurt myself I would have done them without regard. I’m saying my pride was hurt more than my body, and doing these push ups countered that a little. Still don’t like push ups, per se, but seeing that I *can* make positive change in my own life, well, that I do like.

Have a good weekend, folks. I’ll be back on Sunday night.



My Food Diary

Push ups: 28

Water: 5 (Mergh.)

Walking: 30 minutes or so around my yard. 🙂



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