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Sunday night. What a weekend!

It’s been a pretty busy weekend.  I ate like shit yesterday.  I still came in under calories, which was nice, but I had way too much bread and pasta.  Today, though, I went the other direction.  I just didn’t eat much. (at 5 pm, I was still under 600 cal.)  Not on purpose, but I got distracted.  Then when I started cooking my supper, I realized how hungry I was.  Craziness. But I think I’m situated, and this is an example of how changing one’s habits is *ongoing*.  I’ll be honest, it’s easy to start ragging on myself in my head.  Instead, though, I went and did my pushups.  I think making myself go *do* something positive when I catch myself thinking negatively may be a good idea. 🙂 It seems to redirect my thinking at any rate.

Hubby and I tried out a new restaurant in town yesterday, though.  Locally owned, they make a big deal about how they buy local food where possible, and we really enjoyed what we had.  I had a chicken breast, grilled with green beans and sweet potato fries.  Awesome.  We’ll definitely go there again.

I’m cutting this short, so I can go unwind for the night. I will be back tomorrow!



My Food Diary

Pushups- 30!!

Walking: about an hour all weekend. 🙂

Water: I’m still getting in about 6 a day, so I will keep working on that. 😀



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