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Sunday is so mellow.

I’m tired of talking about food. 🙂 And I’m starting to see some changes.  I have so much more energy that I’m kind of driving myself nuts. I’ll put it to good use, I’m sure.

I used to dread going to do the shopping, because it just hurt my back to be walking for any length of time at all.  Yesterday, I walked around the local home improvement place with Hubby for more than an hour, and I felt as good when we left as I did when we got there.

Also, a small thing, but so so big a deal to me-I got dressed every day this past week. I did not mean that I had been running around nekkid.  I mean that I’ve lived in sweats and t-shirts for a long long time.

This sounds so cliche and I’ve looked for different ways to say this, but this really does fit how I feel.  I feel like I’m awake again after a really long, deep sleep. And it’s both awesome and terrifying. 🙂


My Food Diary

Pushups: 47! Tomorrow, I am going to attempt one on my toes.

Water: 8 glasses! Woo!




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