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Monday again, and how we make victory feel like failure.

I really should have done my pushups this morning. I’d have been a lot less ass-y to myself. I was going to talk about this amazing blog post I came across, but I will do that tomorrow.  Tonight, I want to talk about my day.

I got on the scale, like I do every Monday morning, and I’d lost a pound (that’s 14, total. Woo!), and to give you an indication of the kind of habits, and the depth of my icky thoughts, I have spent most of the day kicking my ass about it not being 2 pounds.  All day, every time I ate (Which was clean and good. I even had quinoa for shit’s sake.), that voice in my head was all, “Fatty.”  *blows raspberries at her psyche*  Granted, the difference is that I was right on top of telling that voice to shut the hell up, but this is definitely a process.

Then I did my push ups this evening. I said I was going to attempt a “regular” push up, and I did. I did two of them before my knees went to the floor. 🙂

Then I did 50 modified. Eff that voice in my head-Today was a win, all the way around.


My food diary

Pushups: 50 +2

Water: 8, so far. 😀




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