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Wednesday, Anniversary and stuff.

Hubby and I went to breakfast to celebrate our anniversary, before he went to bed (He has to work tonight, yet), and I ordered well. Whole wheat toast, two scrambled eggs w/cheese, and a piece of ham.  Except the ham was MASSIVE.  And I ate it. /mergh  Today has been a rough day.  I’m under calorie (Well under, actually.), but I have had so much salt. And I keep wanting to eat everything in the house. I’m not, but apparently something about today is triggering those habits.  I have a theory though (about it being *cough* lady hormone related), so I’m hoping that’s what it is.  I’m drinking lots of water today though, and I’m posting early, having already done my pushups (because it took me out of the kitchen for the 14th time. lol). Gonna go draw, though, because that *will* keep my busy. 😀


My Food Diary 

Pushups: 55

Water: 8 glasses so far, at least 2 more before I call it a night. 🙂




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