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Thursday, and begins a long weekend for me

I don’t know what yesterday was all about. I still have my theory, but I’m much less freakazoid today. I’m beginning to see, though, how this is a process. Every day, I make all these choices about food, about activity, and I spend A LOT of time thinking about these things and paying attention to this pang and that twinge.  I know, intellectually, that this will become more automatic, so I try to remember that. I didn’t realize though, how much constant adjustment I’m doing as I figure out what works for me.  I honestly kinda thought, “Awesome! I’ll do X and over time, everything will do what I want.” Except, real life doesn’t work like that. 😀

Anyway, this week, I am taking Friday and Saturday off from the blog, because my husband’s off till Sunday night, and I am going to hang out with him. 🙂

Have a great weekend, and great Easter.


My Food Diary

Pushups: 60! This is officially my last night of the challenge, so I did as many as I could. On my first daily post, March 8-I did 12. I’m awesome. 😀

Water: Drinking my 9th glass right now. 😀



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