Tuesday and the best compliment ever

I generally try to have at least the vague idea of what I’m going to post every day either the day before, or early in the morning, and I think on it, off and on, as I go about my day.  Sometimes, though, I have no idea what I’m going to write about, and sometimes, especially right now when the class I’m taking is all writing, no creating (Art history), I really don’t feel like sitting at the computer any more than I have to. 🙂

Today was a little of both, then I got a message on Facebook from someone I love and have looked up to a good deal of my life who gave me the coolest compliment ever, and if I had any doubts or misgivings about this blog, about being vocal about what I’m doing, I don’t know.

The gist of the message was just that I’d inspired him to get into better shapes and he’d started taking steps that direction.  Because of what I’m doing. How awesome and humbling is that?

Go me.

And go you,too, because we’re awesome.



Monday and why I don’t like the word “Cheat”

I read a lot of healthy change success stories and weight loss stories and stuff because, well, it’s encouraging.  When people talk about how they lost x amount of weight, they all have pretty reasonable sounding routines and stuff, but a lot of them talk about giving themselves cheat-days, which is fantastic if that’s what works for them, but I can’t even let myself get started thinking like that.

See, to me, that thinking attaches a moral value to food, and while that obviously works for some people, it’s equally obviously not worked for me.  I am, in fact, still working at separating food from my own moral worth.  It’s easier now, but it’s still something I feel like I have to be very aware of because it’s also easy to fall back into old patterns.

So, I don’t and won’t have a “cheat day” because that makes it seem like anything I eat on that day is “bad”, therefore eating it makes ME “bad” and that’s crazy-talk.

There are choices, but those are all day, every day, and with regards to food, they’re neither good nor bad.  They’re maybe beneficial and not so much, and they’re only one choice.  If you look at each choice, then if you sometimes don’t choose the best choice for the long haul, that’s still ok, because you can make sure the next one is better.

I just think that, for me, giving myself a free for all day is just an invitation to binge, plus I would feel like utter ASS the next day and what’s the point of that?

Lastly, I weigh 365 pounds. I’ve lost 24 pounds so far, and I think I’m gonna start just saying how much I’ve lost every Monday (except on awesome milestones), but I may not either, so there. 🙂

Sunday night-Let’s eat less junk

I am learning so much about the kind of crap I’ve spent years putting in my body. Some of it I still put in my body (like diet soda, although I have fierce limits, and will likely cut it out completely at some point, I think.), but I’m working at being more informed, so that I can make mindful decisions about it.

When I started this blog, sugar was easily the worst.  I drank TONS of sweet tea and Mountain Dew. I’m actually fairly frowny and slightly ashamed at how much sugar I went through (To be blunt, I went through a 5 lb bag of sugar a week, and I wasn’t baking.  In contrast, I think we bought a bag of sugar a month ago, and I don’t think it’s been used for anything but the teaspoon my hubby puts in his coffee).

For a long time, I used the excuse, “But I don’t like the way it tastes with sweetener.”  So, when I started this, I just quit drinking tea. I’ve had some hot tea here and there, but I quit drinking cold tea, so that I couldn’t use that as an excuse.  Oddly enough, I’m completely fine with Splenda in my coffee (and I am going to try Stevia, since everyone talks about it), which is good, because I do like the ritual of morning coffee.

I used to wake up in the morning and think, “I’m parched! I need a beverage!”.  This morning I woke up and thought, “I’m parched! I need a big ass glass of water!”

These are, I think, the really meaningful signs of progress, and they make me smile, and reaffirm that I’m doing the right thing for me.


It’s Friday!

And it looks like I may be drowning in teenage dudes tonight. /thejoysofparenting

I like Friday mornings because it’s one of the rare times that I can hang out with my husband without either of us having to be or do anything else. We go to breakfast and then to Menard’s (It’s a home improvement place, like Home Depot) because we’re dorky.

I also went outside this afternoon to read a new book I got, and I damn near fell asleep, the sun was warm and cozy!

Gratitude is so important in life. I think we can’t really enjoy life until we know how to spot the good things in our life and to be grateful for them.  So, that’s my word for the weekend. Look around and be thankful for the things that are awesome in your life. (Me, I’m gonna eat well, and be outside, moving around. 🙂 )

See ya’ll Sunday night. 🙂

Tuesday, and some Inspiration

As you can imagine, I follow several”Health and fitness” type folks on Facebook, and one of my favorites is This is Not a Diet-It’s My Life.  She seems to be pretty close to where I’m heading, and I very much like her mellow attitude about most things.  I am not interested in becoming super buff, nor am I interested in wearing a bikini or a size 2.  If these are your thing, rock on, that’s awesome, I will be all about cheering you on to those things, it’s just not where I’m going.

I want my body to be strong, and I want to know that I’m taking care of myself so that I can do this list of things.  I want to hike with my husband, I want to play Archery tag, I want to ride roller coasters again, and I want to fly in an airplane to the British Isles. (once I do that, do not be surprised, people who know me, if we just move to the Highlands of Scotland, I’m not even kidding. *grin*)

I want to be able to do whatever comes up, without worrying about falling down, or not being strong enough, or any other bullshit that has gotten in my way in the past.

I guess I’m saying that I’m on this trip to be as fully *me* as I can be, rather than trying to be “like” someone else. 🙂



My Food Diary

Water: 96 oz. Woo!