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Thursday, and a good support network.

This morning I wasn’t going to walk.  I woke up with a bad attitude (because I went to bed mad about the fact that elbow noodles have a lot of calories and I ate them anyway. See, it was planned, and part of my day, but because it put me closer to my daily calorie limit than I’d been doing, I freaked out.  But I think I need to try to stay 1500 calories because I don’t want to starve, I want to lose fat. This is the stuff I’m working out of my brain, see, but honestly, it *is* less than it was), and was bitchy. “It’s cold,” I said. “My ankle hurts. My knee hurts.” So, I went through all my excuses, and sat down to get on Facebook while I drank my water, and ate my toast and peanut butter.  Then I saw a post on Healthy With Harlow‘s page.  It was about me, and this blog-thing.  She said some very nice things and it left me sitting at my computer going, “Goddammit.  You know what? I am awesome.”  then I got up, put my shoes on, grabbed my coat on and my mp3 player, and went on my walk.  And enjoyed every moment of it.  I walked to a part of town that I don’t think I’d ever been, and I’ve lived here for over 15 years.

Now, maybe I’d have brow beat myself into walking. I don’t know, because I didn’t have to.  Because I have people in my life who will be my cheerleaders when I need it, and who will give me a reality check when I need *that*.  I think it’s super important (because this is the second time this week I’ve talked about it) to have people around you who understand the urge to learn, to grow, to be as amazing as you can be.  People who love you either way, but will be there to cheer you on as you learn better/different/other choices.

I could probably do this without Miss (Mrs?) Healthy With Harlow, but I sure am glad to have her (and everyone else in my life who get it) around.  If you don’t have at least one person in your life who will honestly encourage you, start there. Take a look, maybe, at *why* you hang around people who bring or keep you down.  I bet (in a purely unscientific manner) that your love of self has a lot to do with it. Start there. 🙂

My Food Diary

Water: 8

Walking: 30 minutes ( I like my route, because it’s very hilly, and I feel like I’m working different leg muscles as I walk, depending on whether it’s uphill or down!)



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