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Sunday again-busy weekend edition

Went to an art show yesterday. On foot. (Granted, it was like a quarter mile, but still.) It was cool, it was fun, and the first weekend of May, I’m going to have some stuff on show there. Go me! I start a new class tomorrow (Art history, so much less creating, much more writing.) and I’m excited.  I’m also beginning to buckle down, work-wise, because I have a really big event in June and I need to make damn sure I have plenty of product! 😀

All in all, this week has been pretty good. I’m still kind of shitty about Steak N Shake, but mostly because the cheese fries weren’t even worth it. The cheese was yucky. I had a Pringle (singular; I was testing something), and it tasted like chemical. I think this means I’m going the right way.

The next thing on my list, and soon, is to get one of my gents to take a picture of me. For comparison. 🙂 I’ve been reading a lot of success stories (So I know what to expect when I succeed, duh.), and most of them say something about how being able to see proof, as it were, was important and a big deal. So, I’d rather have the progress photos and not need/want them, then want them and not have them.

Lastly, this weekend, my brother and sister in law ran in a muddy goofball run that they do every year, and I don’t know for sure, but I think that maybe next year, I may see about doing it, or something like it. Goals and whatnot. 🙂


My Food Diary

Walking: (Pretty much stayed home today!)

Water: I’m on 6 right now, but it’s early, so I should have at least 8 by bedtime




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