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Monday! Time for more goals and things!

I have been busy all day.  Good busy, happy busy, but still busy. I find odd things about my life as time goes on now.  I’ve never been one to be, um, super neat. (Ok, I’ve been kind of a lazy slob)  I find myself, though, unsatisfied with this state of affairs, and so really, spring cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning in this house. 🙂  I’m going in fits and starts, but it’s getting done.  One of the big priorities is that I have a crapload of clothes I’ll never wear, or never wear again.  That’s another thing that’s been changing (along with my body!)- I spent a fair few years not caring AT ALL what I wore, as long as it was pretty shapeless. (Because then maybe no one would notice I was fat! *heh*) So, I have a ton of sweats and dude t-shirts that need to be gone.  I also have clothes that I loathe because I bought into the whole “I’m fat, therefore, I need to dress like an old lady with no fashion sense.”  Don’t get me wrong, my own sense of style is NOT the norm-I am SO happy to see the 80’s making a come back if that’s any indicator to you. *grin* But I have been working more on looking how I feel.  I have even been browsing the hated Old Navy store online (Hated because they have always had the absolute stupidest marketing. Their commercials alone make me want to punch babies.) because there are cute things, and they’re not any more or less expensive than where I have been shopping.

Anyway, this brings me to Goals: 1) take over Old Navy’s marketing department. I could, you know. (But I don’t want to. Ick.) My short term goal is to get enough sleep.  I’ve been trying to go along with my husband’s schedule, but I’m just not getting a whole lot of uninterrupted sleep, so I’m going for 7-8 hours a night, good, solid sleep. I got that last night, and I see that I’ve gotten so much crap done today, that I’m encouraged! My other short term goal is to organize my thoughts about this blog, so that I can have some sort of posting routine. 🙂 (And also, I want to cut down on smileys. )

So, off to fold some laundry and relax a bit. 🙂


My Food Diary

Weight:370 (that’s 19 down!)

Water: 9 as of right now

Walking: 30 minutes (I thought about upping the length of time this week, but walking up my steps at the end of my walk is still kinda like walking up Mt. Rushmore or something, so I think I’ll keep the same route for another week-I’ll see about speeding it up, mebbe.)



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