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Thursday, and the Kinect is awesome.

It’s raining still, and cold again, so my walk was short this morning. However, I spent a bit of time trying out this game on the Xbox 360.  So far it’s pretty impressive as a workout tool, and right this moment, my 13 year old is checking it out, which is awesome. I’ll give a real review of it Tuesday, after I’ve had all weekend to check out all of it.  I know that it was able to give me accurate advice on what to do better on a couple of the things that I was learning, rather than just leaving me to sort it out. Plus you can see yourself on the screen, and I thought that was super helpful, if silly looking. 🙂

My plan is to incorporate this several times a week, as well as my walk.  If I can keep working out fun for me, I’ll be much more likely to keep it up. Woo! 🙂



My Food Diary

Water: 64 ounces.  (Gonna do this in ounces because today I learned that there are 128 ounces in a gallon. *grin*)

Walking: 15 minutes, but I did quite a bit of cardio today *Laugh*



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