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Tuesday, and Another awesome blog I like!

I know, I know, I was going to review YourShape, but here’s the deal with that: It has so much to do, so many warmups, so many different exercise routines, dance routines, classes, even boot camp stuff, that maybe I’ll be able to give it a decent review a year from now. 🙂  Just know that I do recommend it if you have an xbox360 and a Kinect, and are looking for a fun way to work out.

Now, though, I wanna talk about another blog I love, and one post in particular that was especially timely for me. Healthy, Hungry, Happy is someone I follow on Facebook, although the link goes to her blog, and the post I wanna talk about. 😀

This is kinda why I’m blogging about my own journey.  Not knowing what to expect or what kinds of things you’ll encounter can be scary enough to make you shy away from real and lasting change.  I know.  And I know what she means about having tried a million times before, but this just…feels different.

When I get frustrated (and yesterday was a good example of that), I just go down the list of all the ways in which I *already* feel so much better.  I just don’t want to get so caught up in the numbers that I miss the point.  What I’m saying is this: So what if the scale says I gained weight? I am *obviously* going in the right direction-look how awesome I feel!

That’s why I read blogs like this and Facebook pages like this-Inspiration (Not “thinspiration” or “fitspiration” I will have a whole rant about that shit at some point.), encouragement and the knowledge that I am not alone in this.  These things matter, and will be what sees me through the rough patches (Not to mention the amazing man I’m married to.  He’s so amazing, and hot. *grin*).


My Food Diary

Water: 96oz. And I have peed so much today, dear gods. :p (How’s that for ending the post with a little TMI? *grin*)



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