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It’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

(That’s supposed to be said in the voice of a Monster Truck rally announcer, by the way)

Moderation and Perseverance (which is not spelled like I say it, at all.).  These are two words that are pretty much on my mind of late.  We don’t live in a moderate society at all.  Americans are supposed to GO BIG OR GO HOME!!, and all that other shouty bullshit.  I have generally said that I have an addictive personality, and that’s not really an accurate description.  The issue wasn’t/isn’t addictive behavior, it’s the fact that everything I did do, I did it all or nothing.  Even my hobbies are like that.  I’ll go in spurts where all I do is one thing, then I won’t touch it for 6 weeks because I’m off to something else.  I can see this being the ongoing issue as time goes on.  The idea of moderation is really new to me.  It’s a whole new kind of balancing act.  And I think that balance is actually gonna be the key.

Perseverance is another we, as a society, have kind of stopped teaching our kids. “It’s ok, you did your best.” when it should be “Ok, that’s a good try, now try again.”  It’s so easy to say “Wow, that was hard. Nevermind.”  Or “Look how hard I worked!! *cough*fortenminutes*cough*”  Perseverance is the idea that you keep going even (or especially) when you don’t want to. When you’ve said, “Fuck this shit.” but you keep doing it anyway, because the end result is worth more to you than stopping right now.  I don’t like squats very much.  At my weight and activity level they’re difficult, I can’t go down very far yet, and I have a hard time not leaning forward, which hurts my back.  However, I do them when my workout tells me to, because I know that in the end my ass will be AMAZING, and that’s an interesting concept to me. 🙂

So, my theme for the week, I think is “Balance yourself and don’t stop”.


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