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Monday is my favorite

I talked about that a little last week, that Mondays are pretty much my favorite day of the week.  And today has just reaffirmed that for me.  To start it off, I weighed 367 lbs. this morning (that’s -7 from last week, and -22 overall. Go me!), so it really *was* my period that made the scale be stupid last week. Woo! Then, as it’s Earth Day, I spent a good deal of time outside today (Ok, I would have done anyway, it’s been a gorgeous day, and I’m making a tally of all the random flora in my yard. 🙂 ).  At lunch, I got a bowl out to put my lunch in and thought “I’m gonna need a bigger bowl.” and I did! And it was awesome. A little pasta (this Garden Delight stuff that tastes really awesome), half a tomato, a little mushroom and a small piece of tilapia. Really great lunch.

I did almost talk myself out of working out this morning…not out of “Ugh. I don’t wanna.” but out of “meh..”  which was silly, as I always feel awesome afterward-which is how I got myself to do it.

I’m excited again for the future, and I’m getting better at enjoying the now, as well. Woo!


My Food Diary

Weight: 367 (-22 lbs!)

Water: 96 oz! (This is exactly where I want my water intake for now. It’s doable, and I feel good, and when my body gets used to it -meaning when I stop peeing every thirty seconds, it seems-then I will evaluate my goals, and how I feel. I am working more on doing what *I* need, rather than what I see other people doing.  That is, if my reasoning is just “well, that’s what so-and-so is doing.” rather than the why’s, if that makes sense.)



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