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Tuesday, and some Inspiration

As you can imagine, I follow several”Health and fitness” type folks on Facebook, and one of my favorites is This is Not a Diet-It’s My Life.  She seems to be pretty close to where I’m heading, and I very much like her mellow attitude about most things.  I am not interested in becoming super buff, nor am I interested in wearing a bikini or a size 2.  If these are your thing, rock on, that’s awesome, I will be all about cheering you on to those things, it’s just not where I’m going.

I want my body to be strong, and I want to know that I’m taking care of myself so that I can do this list of things.  I want to hike with my husband, I want to play Archery tag, I want to ride roller coasters again, and I want to fly in an airplane to the British Isles. (once I do that, do not be surprised, people who know me, if we just move to the Highlands of Scotland, I’m not even kidding. *grin*)

I want to be able to do whatever comes up, without worrying about falling down, or not being strong enough, or any other bullshit that has gotten in my way in the past.

I guess I’m saying that I’m on this trip to be as fully *me* as I can be, rather than trying to be “like” someone else. 🙂



My Food Diary

Water: 96 oz. Woo!



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