Friday!! Woo!

It’s not really an exciting Friday-It’s just my hubby doesn’t have to work this weekend, so it’s awesome. 🙂

Also, apparently I’ve hit my limit of awkward and weird conversations for the day. (It’s 2, for those interested.)  It’s definitely been an interesting day. 🙂

In more awesome news, I bought a skirt today.  I was all excited because I love long skirts and this is awesome. I was a little scared when I got home though, because I had picked up a size smaller than I would normally get.  And it’s awesome. 😀  On the other hand, I bought a plain white t-shirt today, and wore it to dinner, where I promptly dumped half my dinner on it (It seemed like.).

So, all in all, though, a win. However, I think I’m maybe gonna be incommunicado for the evening, just because I can’t do anymore awkward and weird. :p

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be back on Sunday night.



Thursday-school’s almost out!

Well, for my kid at any rate. 🙂 Thursday’s are our “order in” days, at least while hubby’s working his current hours.  I’m learning my way around things like that.  Sometimes I eat what we ordered, sometimes I make something myself, but I always keep track of it, and I don’t generally feel bad.

I have been thinking a lot about how slow this process is (You mean I can’t lose 100 pounds in three weeks?! WTF!), and I was thinking about things I could do to speed it up (workout more, keep calories at 1200, etc) but this really *is*, or rather, it *has to be* a journey of whole health, not just scale numbers and pants sizes.  I’m making progress every single day in one way or another.  I mean, even my brain and my thought processes seem more clear. So, I do have to remind myself that all progress is good, not just that number on the scale. And besides, I’ve lost 30 pounds in right around ninety days.  That equals 10 pounds a month, yeah? and puts me at just damn fine. 🙂

Tuesday, and my favorite new pants are too big.

I bought a pair of jeans and a pair of capris about the same time I started this blog.  These capris are obnoxious and I love them.

They look like this:

pants1(pro-tip: That’s not me in them.)

I love them cuz they’re comfy, obnoxious and groovy.  Today though, I have been hitching them up all day long.  I thought they would last me the summer, but I have a feeling that I will only be able to wear them another few times before they become comically too big.

This pleases me, and makes it a lot easier to stick to my plans. Plus, it gives me a reason to go looking for capris that are even MORE OBNOXIOUS. 😀

Monday and what a week!

So, the Monday morning weigh in. I both love and dread Monday mornings.  I’m growing out of my fear and loathing of the scale-I give it much less power over my day than I used to, but I still run through this slightly panicked “What the hell did I eat this week?” before I step on.  I’m getting better about it though.

Anyway, this morning’s weigh in tells me that I weigh 359 pounds. For those keeping track with me, that means I’ve lost 30 pounds. I’ve lost 5 since last week.

I will say, though, that I’m still having trouble seeing any difference when I look in the mirror.  I mean, I *feel* all sorts of different. I feel pretty damn awesome, and I *do* see a difference in my skin-I haven’t worn foundation in at least a month, I don’t need to. In fact, if I wear makeup, I just wear a little eyeshadow.

I think the real issue is that (and I think I’m only still thinking about this because of that awful woman at the flea market), I really would like my outside to reflect the MASSIVE changes my insides/mybrain/my psyche are going through.  I know that I *will* equalize, and to all things there will be balance, but patience is apparently a virtue I’m not too familiar with. 😀

Here’s the thing though. I have lost 30 pounds.  And that’s not even the bigger deal.
I’ve gained-self love, respect for my body, and some empathy for the way we all think about appearance.

I’ve learned A LOT about food, and my own relationship with it, and this is just the beginning.  I’m *excited*, you know?

To close, I have a story.  My husband and I keep our computers in “the computer room” (a room that I think was probably the dining room originally), and he was showing my something on Youtube over the weekend, and I propped my foot on his leg.  He looked down at my foot and said, “I’d like to know when I became a foot rest.”  I replied, “When I could actually lift my foot up to your leg. Get used to it, I’ll eventually be able to use your shoulder as a foot rest.”

He replied, “You keep going the way you’re going and you’ll be able to use your own shoulder as a foot rest.” 😀

This journey really is about little victories and big changes.

Friday-Long weekends!

This is a pretty quick post, rather than my normal Friday post because my hubby doesn’t have to work the weekend, so I’m gonna go watch some Dr. Who with him.  I may or may not be back on Sunday-I may wait till Monday to post, depending on how busy things get.

Tomorrow I get to spend the day gardening, which is gonna be pretty fun, I think. 🙂

Have a great weekend, folks!