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Monday and staying focused on what matters

So, I’m up a pound from last week.  While I am a week, or a few days away from “lady-time” (A book I read once referred to it as a woman’s Moon time, and that makes it sound less horrid, yeah?), *I* think the issue was several things.  Last week was fairly stressy-I didn’t sleep very well AT ALL (and it happens sometimes), I didn’t drink enough water, and I did quite a bit of “I’ll have a bite of this”, and since it was only a bite, I didn’t write it down. I chalk that up to the lack of sleep, and I got that situated.

I’m actually not too upset about the scale today either-I think it’s because I can look at my last week and go, “Ah, yeah. Ok, this week will be different.”  I’m also beginning to see that my body really does go through this cyclical thing.  As long as I’m doing the right things, I will continue to go in the direction I want.

I’m also getting better at understanding that losing weight isn’t the only thing that matters, and there will come a time when it won’t be the most important thing.

So, today was good, tomorrow will better.




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