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It’s Tuesday!

I was thinking about inspirational things I could post today, and I was having trouble.  Not because I’m uninspired (no, I’m actually fairly rejuvenated at the moment), but because I just haven’t read any new blogs or news.

I can say, however, a couple months into this, that the people who bring you down, the people who won’t or can’t be happy for you and what you’re doing, the people who’re instead jealous and confused about your changes, will either figure out that they’re welcome to come along, or they’ll end the relationship one way or another.  Sometimes, in the most public and childish way possible, and sometimes in a way that doesn’t leave open a door to heal that relationship down the road.

And sometimes it hurts for a minute.  But it means you’re going the right way.  I’m beginning to see that the old saying about the right way seldom being the easy way has a good bit of truth in it.

But I”m also beginning to see how *good* healthy accomplishment is, and how *good* surrounding myself with people who love and support each other.

I think I’m making it out of the crab pot. 🙂


Squats: Haven’t yet, it’s my easy day, will probably get a couple sets in. I have a bench in my living room that I’m working to squat down to, maybe I’ll take photo of it tomorrow.

Water: My 12 cups. It’s nice to be hydrated. 😀 I can really tell when I’m not.



Artist and owner of Bramblefae Boutique. I design whimsical jewelry, I like good writing and good games.

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