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Thursday, day of hanging out.

I don’t have a whole lot to write about today-I spent the afternoon with a good friend of mine, thrift store shopping and offending old ladies. (Not on purpose!)

I also had a carrot cake martini.  And it was probably the best tasting liquor I’ve ever put in my mouth. Amazing. 🙂

Non-scale win of the day: I walked around for a couple of hours, at least, in my Chucks, and I feel great.  Before, I couldn’t wear them if I was going to do any walking at all, because my feet would hurt, my back would hurt, etc.

Aforementioned Chucks. Or rather, one of them.
Aforementioned Chucks. Or rather, one of them.

I didn’t find any amazing bargains, although I did get some hand sewn hair ties.  I figure since I’m officially growing my hair long for a bit, I might as well have more than one hair tie.  This is one of the weirdnesses in being the only female in a household.  If my hair is short, I end up giving away all my hair ties because I’m sure I will never have long hair again, then, for whatever random reason (This year it’s because it’s easier to incorporate into a Ren Faire-friendly hairstyle if it’s long), I grow it long and have to buy all new hair ties. It’s sort of ridiculous. 😀

Anyway. I’ve been doing squats faithfully, although I haven’t done today’s yet.  I’m feel pretty good about the 30, so I will be upping the intensity to make them more difficult.  I’ll be doing pretty good by the end of the month. 🙂



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