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Monday, and whoa stress.

Today has been an interesting lesson in both how far I’ve come in every way since March, and how far yet I have to go. I got a bit of stressful news this morning (Nothing worrisome, childish adults who won’t let go.), and I hand ground my coffee as I took deep breaths and all of that, and I was fine through my homework and whatnot.

Then this afternoon, I got another poke of that bit of stress and it was apparently my limit. 🙂 Right this moment, I feel pretty raw and freakey, but doing the things I do everyday, the good things, like this blog, are kind of what I need to take a minute and breathe.

I mention this only because I want to point out that I spent the afternoon continually doing physical things like going outside, doing a few squats, and such every time I thought, “Christ, I want to eat.”  And then for supper, I had a shredded chicken sandwich (the chicken had been slow cooking all day. 🙂 ), and now I’m having a froze fruit bar. And I might have a snack later, but only if I’m actually hungry. (Oh and I’ve already gotten my water in today. I don’t think I’ve ever grudge-drank a glass of water before. It was kind of cathartic, and a little cleansing. :D)

I thought about not blogging today, but now, I’m glad I did, because I think I can get a handle on myself. One day this week, I think I will talk about anxiety, and how changing my diet is even affecting that. 🙂




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