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Thursday, and you don’t deserve to be punished.

This ridiculous bullshit was brought to my attention today.

It’s basically a patch that gets sewn into the tongue to make eating anything that isn’t liquid physically painful. It also makes moving your tongue at all physically painful as well.

I have so much to say about this that I’m not even sure where to start.

Let me start here:

Whether you are 20 lbs. overweight or 320 lbs overweight, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED for it.  This is why I HATE the diet industry. It’s an entire industry making millions and millions of dollars off the shame and self loathing of an entire group of people, and people say that fat people are the problem here.

The problem here is shit like this that perpetuates that shame and that loathing-even at the cost of the health of the people targeted.  Let me say that again.  These things and these ads are designed to convince fat people that harming themselves is preferable to being fat.

LoveyourselfThe diet industry does not need to start with adding more shame and self hate onto a group of people that society teaches to us to hate and feel ashamed for.  We need to abandon the diet industry altogether by starting to teach people that we need to take care of our bodies *because* we love them. Because we deserve to be as healthy as possible. Because we are awesome.



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