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Sunday and some stuff!

First off, I know I forgot to post on Friday.  And I think, at least as long as my hubby isn’t working on Friday nights, I probably will be posting Monday through Friday.  I just try to take every opportunity I have to hang out with him since he’s working so much.

That said, I have to be honest and talk for a minute about how much I feel like I’ve been floundering for the last couple weeks.  I’m not walking like I should, and eating has been kind of a weird love/hate kind of endeavor lately. A conversation about being kind of obsessed with MFP got me to thinking about several things.

About the only visible change though, is that I think I’m going back to using to track the numbers of my journey, and mostly it’s because my big thing is that I am still learning so much about what to eat and why, and SP just has SO MUCH information, and I can track all sorts of random stuff.

This week, though, my biggest goal is to listen to my body for every single food choice. I’m not going to worry too much about calories (either under or over), I’m going to try to really listen to my body’s signals, because I don’t want to find myself solely dependent on a website to tell me how I feel. That seems like it defeats the purpose.  Ideally, I want to continue being successful in my changes while only using sites like MFP and Spark People as reference. So, as with every day, we begin anew. 🙂



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