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Monday, and measurements!

Today is Monday, so it’s weigh in day, and since it’s the beginning of the month, it’s also measurement day.

So, after 4 weeks at the same weight, I dropped 4 lbs since last week, bringing the grand total to 34 lbs gone. Woo!

And because I’ve been so whiny about the apparent lack of progress, I’m going to talk about my measurements a bit.  I measure my bust, my waist, my hips once a month.  The first recording of these on MFP was on April 1st of this year.

My bust measured 56 inches. Today it measured 52.

My waist measured 53 inches. Today it measured 48.

My hips measured 69 inches. Today the measurement was 62.

I am making progress. I’m not imagining my clothes fitting differently. I am feeling more flexible and more mobile.  The changes *are* outward, as well as inward, and that matters, maybe more than it should. :p I will refer myself to this post whenever I try to get emo about progress. 🙂

Really, even tiny progress is still progress. I think maybe we all forget that from time to time.



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