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Tuesday and discouragement

As you can see from this very blog, it’s easy to get discouraged if things aren’t moving fast enough, or when you find out that sometimes change is damn hard, or when you learn that you still have to make yourself do things until it’s as ingrained a habit as going to the fridge when you’re stressed out was (Gah, pardon the grammar, really.).

I don’t see that as necessarily horrible.  This is how we decided how badly we want a thing.  I get discouraged. Somewhat frequently, it seems like.

But quitting is honestly something that hasn’t occurred to me. I mean, it’s not even an option.  Having been told in my life, “Just quit eating!” as weight loss advice, I’ll use that as a comparison.  You can’t quit eating. That’s stupid. It’s the same here with major life changes. You can’t quit living. The decision to change has already been made, things have already been set in motion, and I already see some of the benefits.  There are going to be days that I eat like shit. There are going to be days where I don’t work out, or even maybe get dressed.  That’s not a quitting.

To “quit” this lifestyle change would be to completely throw out everything I’m doing now, and intentionally go back to doing things that I KNOW will shorten my lifespan, and most certainly shorten my enjoyment of life, which in my opinion is worse than shortening my lifespan, and pretend I can’t do better?

No thanks. It’s way too late for that, and I’m worth…and we are all worth…way more than that. It still goes back to love, folks. Love yourself, then it gets easier to be good to yourself.



Artist and owner of Bramblefae Boutique. I design whimsical jewelry, I like good writing and good games.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday and discouragement

  1. Hang in there! There are definitely days on this adventure that are discouraging, or when you feel like you didn’t live up to your own expectations, or whatever the case is for you today. But you really are on the right path, the better path. Having the decision MADE and being aware of it even when you struggle to follow through on it, that’s already half the battle!

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