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Monday-man it’s hot here.

So, it’s Monday, which makes it “scale day”.  I lost the weight I’d gained last week, and am back to where I was. Good grief.

In other news-we believe that our air conditioner is heaving its last, kind of warm breaths.  So, AC shopping is in our future. 🙂

One thing, though, and this is where this is relevant, for years, if I got very warm at all in the summer, my feet and ankles would swell up sometimes so bad that I couldn’t put shoes on.  Even my flipflops would leave deep marks in my feet.  They always felt like the skin was about to split open.  It didn’t hurt, exactly, but it was definitely uncomfortable.  Now, though? No swelling at all.

I love seeing these kind of changes-they help push me through when I get too dependent on that scale display, and they’re the changes I’m actually going for.  I am more healthy, definitely than I was in April, and I will be more healthy in October than I am now.  So, things progress even if sometimes they don’t look like it.  We all just gotta do more of what we’re doing, yeah?



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