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It’s Monday!

So, I have been hovering around the 355-357 lb. area for three weeks.  I get frustrated, but it’s frustration at myself because I do this to myself.  Here are the causes of this hovering: 1) I got lazy with keeping track of my food.  I worry about being obsessed, but to be honest, and I’ve shown this over the last month, I need to keep track because I am still figuring out what my body needs at any given time. And 2) I have be SUCKING at drinking enough water.

So, this week’s goals are this:

1) write down everything I eat over at Sparkpeople.  The link to my profile page is on the left here, I am not sure what it actually shows-hopefully everything. 🙂

2)Drink 3-32 oz glasses of water a day. At least. Schedule that shit if I have to. *grin*

3)Do week two of this squat challenge. 🙂

4) Take a day away from electronics because sometimes I feel like my life is being run by the gadgets in my life.

Lastly, this is finals week for me so it’ll be very whirlwindish. It’ll be good to have a break after. 😀

Have a good night everyone and be awesome. 😀



Artist and owner of Bramblefae Boutique. I design whimsical jewelry, I like good writing and good games.

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