Busy days throw me off

Well, that’s only partially true. Busy days *away from home* throw me off.

In the past, if I were going to be out and about all day, I would stop somewhere and grab some fast food and plenty of soda. Now I find myself going the other way-I don’t eat at all while I’m out so that I get home and am famished. *laugh*

More than that, though, these are the days that I have to struggle to get enough calories. My fitness pal tells me that I need a little over 1800 calories a day and on days like today I try to make sure I get at least 1200 in. This whole calorie thing is sometimes a pain in the ass, because I generally have trouble believing that I *need* 1800 calories. That seems like a massive amount to me, even still.  I will admit to trying to stay between 1200 and 1500, and sometimes I wonder if that’s part of why the scale is moving downward so slowly, but then I remember that I’m not walking like I should be, or working out as regularly as I should be, and I know what the deal is there. 🙂

Anyway, I look forward to a great weekend-full of activity and love, and probably good food, too. 🙂  I hope everyone else is having a wonderful weekend as well.

You may not see me till Monday night, though, with this being a holiday and all. 😀


Maybe a recipe?

This week it’s pretty hot and muggy where I am, and we don’t have central air.  We do have a wonderful and hardworking window unit in our living room, and it is really all we need 98% of the summer. Which is honestly why we haven’t converted to central air (Well, why it makes it convenient for us to ignore the idea haha).

However, when it *is* super hot outside, I try not to do too much with the stove because the kitchen gets hot. So, I do a lot of cooking in the slow cooker.

This morning I looked around my kitchen at what I could throw in to the cooker with the boneless chicken breast  I was thawing, and I saw on my counter the bag of massive zucchini (I need to shred and freeze the rest tonight), an onion from the farmer’s market, and in the fridge were green beans and tomatoes, from the garden. So, look, it’s dinner!

I cut one of the big zucchini into squares and tossed them in, cut the onion small, and in it went, and the beans with half a cup of water.  Then I let it all cook on high for a couple of hours, added some rosemary and garlic, turned it on low for an hour or so.

I tasted it at that point and decided to add some chicken base I had (Das Dutchman Essenhaus brand, if anyone’s curious), and I tossed in a chunked tomato and some pepper.

At that point, I was thinking about how awesome it was tasting, but should I throw a carb in? I dithered for about half an hour, then threw in some quinoa (I think about a cup).

And there is enough left over to either be my lunch for the rest of the week, or to heat up and eat again tomorrow night. 🙂

One of my big problems as a cook has always been that I cook for more than the three of us.  I’m better now, and I’m not afraid to set things aside as left overs, or freeze what I can.

My favorite thing though, is that I can just throw fresh ingredients into a pot and make something tasty and healthy. This is the part of summer I love most. 😀

The Day of Scale *bumbumBUM!*

Like an epic summer movie, or some crap. 😀

I am down another pound this week. Woo! I don’t have a whole lot to say today, in all honesty, I’m just pretty proud and content today about how things are going.

Adjusting my eating times seems to be going pretty well, as long as I make sure I get enough calories at lunch, so I don’t get the shakes before supper, or want to utterly pig out at supper.

I was going to make a dark chocolate almond milk shake (With some banana I have in the freezer) for my snack later, but having just checked my calories, as I plugged in supper, I think I am going to have a bowl of the vanilla ice cream in my freezer…since I still seem to want to be on about it. *grin*

Folks, have a great night, and a great week, I’ll be back tomorrow. 😀

Bit of a weekend wrap-up

Weekends are interesting at our house. Always (like everyone, I assume) super busy, but generally full of good times too.

Friday nights, though, I never sleep enough because I always stay up a good deal later than normal, and I get up to head to the local farmer’s market at 8 am sharp. (Best deals then!)  This means that sometimes I spend Saturdays afraid that if I stop for a moment I’ll be asleep. 😀  I try to get a nap in at some point on Saturdays, but it doesn’t always happen.

Sundays, though, are always pretty mellow here-it’s the day we all kind of get ready for the week, so we all kind of take it easy.  It’s also the day I am most likely to not get enough calories-sometimes because I’m worried about The Day of Scale, most times, though, it’s because I have gotten my schedule all out of whack on Friday and Saturday. 🙂

It’s one of the reasons I don’t get all super crazy about keeping track of food on the weekends.

Tonight, though, before I go to bed, I’m going to do some food prep.  I want to try making some things ahead of time-mostly for my lunches to be honest. I will half-ass my lunch in the name of convenience, and that’s silly, because I can take a couple hours on a Sunday evening and get everything situated. So, this week, we see how this goes.

Have a great night folks!

This takes so long…

I wanted to follow up on my post from Monday, and the idea that this “takes a long time”.  My wording was kind of misleading.  To say that something is taking a long time is to indicate an eventual end.

I think this is maybe part of why people gain weight back, or “give up”.  It’s the idea of a “diet” being a finite thing. Something with a clear beginning and clear end.

It’s also why I constantly tell myself and everyone else that I AM NOT ON A DAMN DIET.  I think that’s what was getting me down earlier in the summer-the idea that these changes are forever was slowly sinking in, and I had to let go of all sorts of “diet baggage”.

Here are some thoughts: “Don’t you wish you could eat whatever you want?” I get this a lot, oddly, and no one’s really satisfied with my answer.  I eat whatever I want, every day.  I’m sorry if you have someone else making your food choices for you. (But I’m willing to bet that if you’re above the age of like 10, you are mostly in charge of what you put in your mouth.)  I know what they mean is “Don’t you wish you could eat a whole pizza and wash it down with ice cream every day?” No, not really, but I didn’t want that when I was supposedly “eating whatever I wanted”.

Here’s the thing-I’m not losing fat and gaining health because I’ve sworn I’ll never eat ice cream again (Apparently I need to have some ice cream. :p). Not only is that kind of attitude silly, for me restrictions just make that the only thing in the world I want, because my psyche is a spoiled 12 year old. :p

I can tell you that there are some things I will never eat again (McDonald’s, for one), because either it’s 1)Not really food, or 2)is just not worth the after effects. By that I just mean things that my body pretty much rejects.

I am discovering that I like the way real food tastes, and that more artificial stuff is tasting that way. I had a bowl of Cap’n Crunch the other evening as my snack….and it kinda tasted like ass.  Which made me sad for about 2 minutes, as that was my favorite cereal. 😀

The thing is, I figure I’ll always be watching what I eat, and how and how it relates to my daily life.  I also figure that most folks do that without having to make a big song and dance about it.

It boils down to this: I hope this path I’m on takes a really long time, because it’s going to last my whole life.  And I not only don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything, I feel like I have more access to truly living life.

For me, this is the way to go.

Have a great weekend everyone, I will be back on Sunday night. 🙂