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It’s Tuesday evening!

I really thought the transition from student to not student would be ….well, I thought it would be less of a transition.  I keep telling myself I need to take some time off, now, after Summerfest, before kiddo starts school, and I buckle down and get to work, but I feel busier than I was.

I realized this today, and so I’m going to do ME things the rest of the week-walk to the park with my paints (or sit in the gazebo with them if it rains), finish the couple books I’m reading(Dan Brown’s Inferno….unimpressed. And I was previously a fan of his stuff.), try to sleep in, that sort of thing.

I think that keeping a balance of all things is important, but I’m also finding that I *need* to be a little ocd, as it were, with keeping track of my food, so tomorrow, I am going back to using My Fitness Pal.  I love Sparkpeople, and I will continue to use it for all sorts of things, but MFP just makes keeping track of my food more instant and accurate.  I think that’s honestly part of my stress over the last few weeks, is that I was trying to wing it with regards to measuring and keeping track.

Don’t get me wrong, I have made A TON of progress over the last few months, and I know a decent portion size, and what not, but it’s the little things, like whether I’ve had enough water, or how many calories do I have for an evening snack.  I feel like I really still need to keep track of these things at this point.

So, I do feel like I’m making forward progress, but in other aspects I am gonna try to slow down a little for the next couple of weeks. 🙂



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