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Monday and stuff!

It’s Monday, day of the scale. 🙂  Aaaand, I’m down a pound. Woo! I wanted to say this morning, “That’s not bad, because…” and “Well, it could be worse…”, and other counterproductive bullcrap.

I lost a pound, ya’ll! Wooo!  I also feel like I’m going the right way, I feel less stressed and out of sorts, and I’m sleeping better again, so I am refusing to add qualifiers to a win.

I think that might be part of the universal problem with reclaiming our health.  I think we spend too much time thinking, “Damn, I only lost a pound. I need to eat less so I can lose more next week. I kinda suck.”, and not enough time thinking, “Damn, I lost a pound! And my walking time is 3 minutes faster than last week! I’m awesome!”

So, this week’s goal is to remind myself that I do these things BECAUSE I am awesome now, not so that I may be awesome later.

I feel like I talk about this  a lot, but it is so easy to forget.   Keeping this mindset is easily the most difficult part of this journey. Easily.

I think, though, that the idea of daily reminders is good.  All day long, let’s remind ourselves how important we are, not just to ourselves, but to other people, husbands, wives, kids, parents, friends, how important our continuing health, or regaining our health is to these people, to our life, to our day.

This is my big goal this week. I’m awesome, you’re awesome, we all rock.



Artist and owner of Bramblefae Boutique. I design whimsical jewelry, I like good writing and good games.

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