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Maybe a recipe?

This week it’s pretty hot and muggy where I am, and we don’t have central air.  We do have a wonderful and hardworking window unit in our living room, and it is really all we need 98% of the summer. Which is honestly why we haven’t converted to central air (Well, why it makes it convenient for us to ignore the idea haha).

However, when it *is* super hot outside, I try not to do too much with the stove because the kitchen gets hot. So, I do a lot of cooking in the slow cooker.

This morning I looked around my kitchen at what I could throw in to the cooker with the boneless chicken breast  I was thawing, and I saw on my counter the bag of massive zucchini (I need to shred and freeze the rest tonight), an onion from the farmer’s market, and in the fridge were green beans and tomatoes, from the garden. So, look, it’s dinner!

I cut one of the big zucchini into squares and tossed them in, cut the onion small, and in it went, and the beans with half a cup of water.  Then I let it all cook on high for a couple of hours, added some rosemary and garlic, turned it on low for an hour or so.

I tasted it at that point and decided to add some chicken base I had (Das Dutchman Essenhaus brand, if anyone’s curious), and I tossed in a chunked tomato and some pepper.

At that point, I was thinking about how awesome it was tasting, but should I throw a carb in? I dithered for about half an hour, then threw in some quinoa (I think about a cup).

And there is enough left over to either be my lunch for the rest of the week, or to heat up and eat again tomorrow night. 🙂

One of my big problems as a cook has always been that I cook for more than the three of us.  I’m better now, and I’m not afraid to set things aside as left overs, or freeze what I can.

My favorite thing though, is that I can just throw fresh ingredients into a pot and make something tasty and healthy. This is the part of summer I love most. 😀



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