Post number 150! *confetti or something*

I was looking at my 100th post, and was kind of surprised to find that I felt, in that post, a lot like I feel at the moment. Or rather, I seem to be in the same place.  I feel differently about it, because I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting back into a routine that I can turn into habit.

I spent the summer not paying attention.  At some point in the summer, I thought, “I don’t want to be obsessed about all this scale stuff, and calorie stuff.” And that’s true-watching and measuring habit changes and body changes is not the same as obsessing about it.

So, I quit paying any attention to it, and so I’ve spent the summer fluctuating in a 3 pound area, because to add to that, I used “But I’m busy!” as an excuse to quit walking.

Healthy With Harlow posted this picture, and it’s pretty close to the look I’ve been giving myself.



Given the fact that I’ve spent just about the last whole week nursing a sinus infection that has turned into an ear infection, I’ve felt crappy, and I gave into the whole comfort food thing.  And as such, I’ve gained two pounds.  I’m not beating myself up, but I AM doing better. This week, I treat myself well. I move my body in ways that feel good (and probably briskly scoot away from some zombies!), and I will only put things in my body this week that taste amazing, and do amazing things FOR my body.

I had actually hoped that this 150th post would be some big dramatic thing, but maybe someone will read this who needed to know that it is sometimes a struggle, and sometimes we go back a little instead of forward.

It’s important, I think, rather than spend a lot of time beating yourself up, it’s better to shake it off, and go again.  Don’t let yourself off the hook-We have to WORK for the things we want most, and we have to remember that we deserve to be treated well, especially by ourselves, but don’t waste time about should haves.

This week, for me, is a week of I am and I will.


Hope is sometimes sneaky. :)

One more post about “Zombies, Run!”, or rather, one more post for now. 😀

And it isn’t so much about it, specifically, but about me and motivation.

I had to add a couple blocks onto my route this morning, to go the full thirty minutes of the mission, and a couple times during my walk, I thought I might die. Ok, not really. I did notice, though, that this morning’s walk seemed more difficult and about halfway through I realized that it was probably because I have started actually pushing myself.

One of the advantages, I think, of the route I walk, well, and the town I live in, as well, is that it’s really hilly. So it can be pretty intense, although for me, it seems that walking downhill is more sucky than walking uphill.  Hubby says it’s because I’m afraid to fall (and that’s a whole post in itself. *makes a sticky note*), I dunno.

Let me get to the point, though, before I bore everyone to death-this morning, for the first time in my adult life, probably, and certainly the first time since I started actively trying to be healthy-I thought, “You know, I could work up to running.”

I have long held the idea opined by a t-shirt I saw recently that said something like, “If you see my running, you might want to run too, because something is probably chasing my ass.”

And I’ll be honest, a lot of it right now, is that I’m afraid of hurting myself. This is one of those weird things that go on in my head, and the more active I get, the less this is an issue, so good.

But this morning, I didn’t think in terms of “When I weigh under 300 pounds, we’ll see”, I thought, “I can work up to this. I can DO this.”

That, folks, makes Zombies, Run the best 4 dollars I have spent in a long damn time.

(As an aside, this is my 149th post, so this is the last post this week, because I want to be able to do a decent post for 150. *grin* Have a great week folks, and I will be back on Sunday night (or Monday, at the latest, if I’m super-knackered by the weekend) 😀

Zombie Apocalypse!

wasn’t going to go on my walk this morning because I still feel pretty crappy really (Verdict is sinus infection. /mergh), but I downloaded Zombies, Run over the weekend to my tablet, and was checking it out a little. Less than 2 minutes in, though, I was putting my shoes on, and out the door I went.

SO MUCH FUN.  And, while it could be called, for me, “Zombies, Walk at a brisk pace”, I can see where this will help with speed, because when they tell you a zombie’s gaining on you, let’s just say I was kind of afraid to look back! J

I should have known it would take a game to get me to look forward to walking (And eventually running).

Also, as a note, I have an event this weekend, so I can’t promise I’ll post every day, but I’ll see what I can do. J

Either way, have a great week everyone.

Back, back, it’s the Plague!

This is just a quick post tonight folks. I have some sort of miserable sinus thing that has left me unable to be upright for more than 10 minutes or so without a thousand sneezes and that fuzzy, can’t think feeling in my head.

Yay, sinus-y things. :p

I’ll be back tomorrow, folks. Surely I will feel better. 

I hope ya’ll have had good weekends though. 🙂

It seemed completely different!

I had to drop something into the mail this morning, so, I just reversed my walk, and added a quarter mile on to it to take me past the big mailbox.  And I’ll tell you what-it seemed like a whole different route, going the other way. And I need to remember to take my camera with me so I can get some leaf changing photos.

I also got mean-mugged by one of the fattest cats I’ve ever seen.  It was totally “keep it moving, prissy-pants. Not your yard.” as I walked by.

Then this afternoon, it started raining, and cooled down a bit.  I love Autumn-it’s easily my favorite time of year.

headlesshorseThis is the kinda thing I’m looking forward to-Not that I, myself, can carve anything like that. My brother’s really good at it. Maybe I’ll just paint one. *Grin*

On that note, have good weekend folks, and if I remember to take my camera on my walk, maybe I’ll have more pictures. 😀



Run for you life!!! …or How I entertain myself on a walk

This morning I walked a mile in 20 minutes (just under). This is a Big Deal, as it’s the fastest I’ve ever walked this particular mile, and I want to tell you the story of how it ended up being so dazzlingly fast.

I live in a college town, and I live just off campus so during the school year, there are all sorts of random young people walking hither and yon.  This morning, on the back half of my walk, I heard a couple dude-bros talking a block or so behind me (and I want to interrupt myself to mention that the spell checker thinks “dude-bros” is a word. Awesome. 🙂 ), and I noticed that I was speeding up.

I thought to myself, “Self? Why are you speeding up? They’re just dude-bros (I’m now going to use the term “dude-bros” way more times in this post than I would otherwise have done. Silly spell-thingie. Oh, it says “thingie” is spelled wrong, but not “dude-bros”? Aaaanyway.) going to class.” Then I thought (in a shrill, kind of insane voice), “But they’re CHASING MEE!!!”

This made me laugh, so I walked faster, all the way home, because I am waaayyy too easily entertained.

Now, I think I’m going to have to get the “Run, Zombies!” app, and give that a try. Shit, maybe it’ll even get me to run. (Why I don’t run is a whole other post that I ought to do soon.)

Have a good night folks! 😀