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Yeah, I’m late…

So, I didn’t blog at all yesterday.  I didn’t forget, I just wasn’t going to be posting anything positive. :p

I had a great holiday, and yesterday was the Day of Scale, in which I proceeded not to lose any weight. I’m pretty tired of that, to be honest, and I spent all day yesterday being an ass in my head about things, because I thought I’d done well all week-I felt great, I drank lots of water, I ate decently.

This morning, though, I wondered about lingering effects of alcohol, because I did get gloriously shitfaced on Friday night, with some friends of ours.  And I don’t feel bad about that-I don’t drink often to begin with.  I hadn’t planned on drinking-it as a very spur of the moment thing, so I think that might have been something I should have taken into consideration yesterday before I drank the big glass of self-haterade.

On a good note-yesterday was also the monthly measuring fest.  Everything stayed the same, except for my hips, which are an inch smaller this month.

This week, I think my health goal is to look into ways to change my routine up a bit, to maybe speed things up a little.




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4 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m late…

  1. Doesn’t always come down to the scales (they don’t always tell the truth). Yay for the measures at the hips! Think I have just found my new fav blog – someone who tells it like it is! Love it 🙂

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