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Run for you life!!! …or How I entertain myself on a walk

This morning I walked a mile in 20 minutes (just under). This is a Big Deal, as it’s the fastest I’ve ever walked this particular mile, and I want to tell you the story of how it ended up being so dazzlingly fast.

I live in a college town, and I live just off campus so during the school year, there are all sorts of random young people walking hither and yon.  This morning, on the back half of my walk, I heard a couple dude-bros talking a block or so behind me (and I want to interrupt myself to mention that the spell checker thinks “dude-bros” is a word. Awesome. 🙂 ), and I noticed that I was speeding up.

I thought to myself, “Self? Why are you speeding up? They’re just dude-bros (I’m now going to use the term “dude-bros” way more times in this post than I would otherwise have done. Silly spell-thingie. Oh, it says “thingie” is spelled wrong, but not “dude-bros”? Aaaanyway.) going to class.” Then I thought (in a shrill, kind of insane voice), “But they’re CHASING MEE!!!”

This made me laugh, so I walked faster, all the way home, because I am waaayyy too easily entertained.

Now, I think I’m going to have to get the “Run, Zombies!” app, and give that a try. Shit, maybe it’ll even get me to run. (Why I don’t run is a whole other post that I ought to do soon.)

Have a good night folks! 😀



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