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It seemed completely different!

I had to drop something into the mail this morning, so, I just reversed my walk, and added a quarter mile on to it to take me past the big mailbox.  And I’ll tell you what-it seemed like a whole different route, going the other way. And I need to remember to take my camera with me so I can get some leaf changing photos.

I also got mean-mugged by one of the fattest cats I’ve ever seen.  It was totally “keep it moving, prissy-pants. Not your yard.” as I walked by.

Then this afternoon, it started raining, and cooled down a bit.  I love Autumn-it’s easily my favorite time of year.

headlesshorseThis is the kinda thing I’m looking forward to-Not that I, myself, can carve anything like that. My brother’s really good at it. Maybe I’ll just paint one. *Grin*

On that note, have good weekend folks, and if I remember to take my camera on my walk, maybe I’ll have more pictures. 😀





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