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Zombie Apocalypse!

wasn’t going to go on my walk this morning because I still feel pretty crappy really (Verdict is sinus infection. /mergh), but I downloaded Zombies, Run over the weekend to my tablet, and was checking it out a little. Less than 2 minutes in, though, I was putting my shoes on, and out the door I went.

SO MUCH FUN.  And, while it could be called, for me, “Zombies, Walk at a brisk pace”, I can see where this will help with speed, because when they tell you a zombie’s gaining on you, let’s just say I was kind of afraid to look back! J

I should have known it would take a game to get me to look forward to walking (And eventually running).

Also, as a note, I have an event this weekend, so I can’t promise I’ll post every day, but I’ll see what I can do. J

Either way, have a great week everyone.



Artist and owner of Bramblefae Boutique. I design whimsical jewelry, I like good writing and good games.

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