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So if it looks like bread…

Here’s the website that I got the recipe from.

Let me say right off that this post does not mean that I am or support going all Keto.  But I do look for creative replacements for some of the carbs in my life, and I am seriously a lover of bread.

Not biscotti.
Not biscotti.


So, this is what it looked like out of the oven. It *did* raise some, and I wonder if I mixed the ingredients longer (basically whip the eggs more), if it’d be taller. Either way, here are my thoughts so far:

By itself, it tastes exactly how you would think it would-like peanutty eggs, which, in and of itself, is not too bad.

Now, I, too, paired it today with tuna salad.

A tuna "sandwich".
A tuna “sandwich”.

My opinion of this is simple: No.

I think it might just have been that I DID NOT like the flavor mix of the tuna and peanut butter. It was kinda terrible if I’m being honest.  I’m going to try it in the morning as a toast replacement, maybe with a little pumpkin butter or something and we’ll see how that goes.

See, I’m all about trying things, but I utterly refuse to eat something that tastes terrible just to fit into some self imposed ideal.  I’d rather do without something completely than to settle for something that the best I can say about it is that it isn’t terrible.

I do like some of the other recipes there, though-especially the fact that they look awesome for cooking ahead, so please don’t think my review of this one recipe is a slam on this dude’s site.  And I don’t want hate mail from folks who swear by keto.  If that’s your thing, awesome. I like boy bands.

See, we all have our weirdnesses. :p





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