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It really is a journey

This really has been a weekend of remembering my plans. 🙂

I have felt in the last week or so kind of like I am starting over, but this weeked, I realize that this isn’t the case at all.  Like every part of life, this road to full on health is an ongoing learning process.  I’ve learned, for example, that I’m not ready to “wing it” with regards to recording my food. I have to be pretty vigilant, because that’s one of the tools I use to reinforce habit building. 🙂

I also learned that greek yogurt is worth the extra, what, 10 cents or so, at the store in taste alone.  I was wondering why everyone talked about greek yogurt over “regular” yogurt, and more protein was really all I could get out of it, so I thought, well, let’s try regular yogurt, because I’m frugal (read: cheap).  It’s watery and gross.

So, I’m back with my beloved greek yogurt, and life just seems sunnier. *grin*

So, this week’s goals: Track everything that I put into my mouth. Continue huffing my ass away from zombies every morning. See how close I can get to logging 10 miles of walking this week. Continue being awesome. :p

Have a good night, folks!



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