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Good day. :)

I said, good day! (Sorry, I’m a dork. :p)

Not a whole lot to report, except that I think I have my groove back.  I’m excited again, about reaching my goals, about feeling good, and being healthy.  I slept great, I had fun walking today, I ate well (and will be having some greek yogurt that I tossed some cinnamon into and a teaspoon of brown sugar, and then tossed the whole thing into the freezer. *Grin*), and I got quite a bit of work done.

Tomorrow I’m going to walk over to the Assessor’s office (Living in town does have some benefits 😀 ) to slog through the old books to find out exactly when my house was built and all that.

The Day of Scale was Eh. No loss, but I really feel like I’ve put the wheels back in motion after a summer of stagnation. 🙂

I don’t have much to say tonight, but it really is kind of a “no news is good news” day.  I feel great, and hopeful and excited again. Win. 😀



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