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Just a quickie!

I have a soapbox issue about “size-positivity” and how that all too often only means “Hate the Skinny!” (because sometimes people miss the damn point), and how none of this is like “white privilege” and to say so is stupid and insulting on 1000 different levels.

But I have gotten a very late start (thanks to unexpected but lovely calls from dear friends), so I will post on that on Thursday.

I was going to just post a hot guy picture today, but I couldn’t narrow it down. Jensen Ackles is my go-to celebrity hot guy, and I do have a picture of my hubby in a kilt…alas, these are the tough decisions. :p

Have a good night, folks!



Artist and owner of Bramblefae Boutique. I design whimsical jewelry, I like good writing and good games.

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