Weekend Wrap-Up and stuff

It was a mellow weekend, really. Hubby’s birthday was yesterday, and so it was filled with walking around the downtown for a couple of hours, checking out the antique shops and whatnot.

I’ve been eating much better, but (or maybe, “so”), I could tell this morning that I had a crapload of salt yesterday because I woke up PARCHED. But I have had plenty of water today (Almost a gallon!), and feel way less dry. *grin*

Earlier today I was reading this recent blog post by Go Kaleo, and she really gets to the heart of what I’m trying to do here, and this gives me some ways of thinking about it that I hadn’t been, and reminds me that small steps forward are still steps forward and that as long as I keep making the effort-consistently make the effort, in time it’ll all fall together.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna print that article out and just, once a month or so, read it-to remind myself not to get so distracted by the big picture. To keep it in sight, definitely, but to *live* in the day to day-to repeat good habits so much that they are my default. This is what I aim for.  I can already see this in things like the fact that water is now my automatic go-to beverage. Always. I mean, I drink other stuff (coffee, aka nectar of the gods *grin*), but more and more I find myself  with a full glass of water after I’ve meandered into the kitchen. 🙂 So, I *know* it works for me.

That’s this week’s goal, I think-to make sure that, every day, the good habits are reinforced as they replace the bad ones.


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