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What an interesting day :)

So, the scale reaffirms what I already know-I ate too much salt and didn’t drink enough water this weekend.  That’s one of the recurring issues I have on Mondays-I start the day well aware that I didn’t drink enough water over the weekend.

Today has been super productive.  I did a short workout with an XBox 360 Kinect game called Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012.  And I’ll tell you what-it’s time to step up my game.  The workout that in the spring was kicking my ass barely got my heart rate up. So, this is pretty good news.  Tomorrow, I’ll try a workout I haven’t done and see if it leaves me in the dirt haha

I was also able to feel like I got a full work day in. (I have a four week Christmas craft show, as well as trying to load up my Etsy shop, so there’s a lot of red and green and blue and silver wire and swarovski in my day haha) This is a super good thing because it keeps me out of the kitchen.  Right now, I’m cooking supper (baked chicken leg quarters and green beans and potatoes), and I’m a little hungry, which is right on track.  I had a snack right before I started supper, and I think that’s gonna be the balance for me.  My eating goal is to get the bulk of my calories between noon and 5 pm.  This just works for me, in every aspect of my life. So I will keep ya’ll updated.

I’ll let you all know tomorrow how the new workout goes, and I hope everyone has a good evening. 🙂



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