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Things are groovy

It’s so odd to me, but it’s harder to find things to write about when I don’t have anything on my “gripe” list! *grin*

I will say my “stairs project” is going pretty well-I’m seeing progress.  Yesterday, it occurred to me that at least part of my problem was fear related.  I had just assumed it was one of the things that had gotten hard because of my weight.  But I think it, at least partially, has to do with trusting myself not to fall down the damn stairs.

That’s something that does not get talked about often enough.  Truly fat people are terrified of falling down, and we will go to great lengths to rearrange things to lesson the chance.  In the winter time, I will “gramma walk”, you know, take tiny shuffling steps (Another thing I’ll see about not doing this winter), and I would go one step at a time, pretty much sideways down any kind of steps.

I’m at the point where I’m going to start adding speed soon. I’m not ready to run stairs yet, by any means, but it’s really cool to see myself getting stronger.

These are good days, yeah? 🙂  I hope everyone else is always having a decent string of days.



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