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Hey, look, it’s Monday!

I changed the look of the blog again-I’m pretty happy with this one as it’s simple, and won’t sit there and look silly if I don’t get a header made for it. *grin*

Today is going to be a relatively short post about this week’s goals.  I’m back to taking baby steps. 😐

The first thing is that I’m going to blog every day this week (Well, Mon-Friday *grin*), even if it’s little things, I need to get that habit back.  I miss blogging-it helps my brain, and it’s wonderful to hear from others as well.

Next on my list is that I’m going to make sure I walk 30 minutes a day-even if it’s just from my front door to my back door for half an hour.  I’m kinda tired of feeling like crap.  I wish I could adequately explain how much this winter has kicked my ass, in terms of wanting to do anything that involves getting off my couch.

The last must do this week is that I’m getting back to tracking everything that goes into my mouth. I’ve gotten lazy about it, and I’ve seen this morning that I’ve lost some ground in terms of weight loss.

So, in short, this week is about feeling better, in all ways.

Have a good week everyone!



Artist and owner of Bramblefae Boutique. I design whimsical jewelry, I like good writing and good games.

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