The first day of Spring?

Today is apparently the first day of Spring. 🙂 It’s cloudy here, but looks to be a brisk spring day.  This is just a short checking in because today is full of meetings and writing and other work things but I really feel better when I know I’ve been here first thing in the morning. Makes my day nicer. *grin*

I have a meeting across town, and I think, if it’s not raining, I will walk home from it rather than catch a ride. It’s certainly time. 😀

Have a great day, folks!


Life and things

I am posting in my afternoon because this morning was full of meetings and dentist appointments and things.  It was a very odd weekend. I got my walking in today, at Walmart. That place makes me cry for mankind.

Also, I saw Duck Dynasty plushies and I pondered to my husband that someone could easily make voodoo dolls out of these things.  He said, “No.” and gently lead me away…How odd. *snicker*

This week, as the weather gets better *crosses fingers*, I want to be doing more things outside-checking out the yard, the outside benches and chairs and things. And I want to get started walking again outside.  There’s still a LOT of snow, and so many people didn’t bother shoveling their walks all winter, so it may be modified to places I can walk in the road if I need to. *grin*

Now, though, I’m gonna go hang with the hubby, who is home today. 😀

Have a good week everyone, I’ll be back tomorrow. 🙂


Hoping for the best :)

Yesterday was nice. It was gorgeous out and practically summer, with a temp at a tropical 48 degrees (Fahrenheit, I mean. Which is a much harder word to spell than I would have thought. :p ).  It felt wonderful to get out and walk in the sunshine. I’m looking forward to more of that.  Which I won’t be getting today, apparently. *grin*

Today is an at home day-day of mundane stuff like taking inventory and running the vacuum.  I mentioned my goals yesterday, but I didn’t add a couple that aren’t related to my physical health. I’m making sure that I spend 30 minutes a day drawing, and 30 minutes a day writing (the blog doesn’t count toward that-this is its own thing. *grin*).  These are both things I’m relatively good at (grammar and punctuation aside, that is. *Snicker*), and they go a long, long way toward my mental peace of mind. And a good, full life is all about making time for the  things that are most important to you. So, that’s what I’m doing this week. 🙂

I have heard that we (Northern Indiana, for the curious) are in for one more stupid, mean, hateful snow storm. I’m hoping it peters out before it ever gets going, and gives us Spring instead. *grin*

I hope ya’ll have a great day, and it really does feel good to be back.


Tuesday-Little Things

No, this is not a post about 90’s Alt Rock (Bush), or guys I dated when I was younger. :p

Today, I learned that there is not a single Kinect, by itself, to purchase in my entire town. And I’m too cheap to shell out 300 bucks for an Xbox 360 we don’t need just to get one.  So, is wonderful, and our new Kinect will be arriving tomorrow. Woo!  I  don’t have a whole lot to say tonight-it’s been another busy day, and I’m kind of…ruminating? I dunno, I’m kind of …taking inventory of all the ways in which I’m already feeling so much healthier.  My thought processes and my creative processes are wild, and on point lately.  I have crazy amounts of energy. I haven’t had a soda in days (Because I haven’t thought about it, is all. I’m not denying myself any, just haven’t wanted one).

I’m paying more attention to the things around me, and I think my morning walks are one of the most healthy things I’ve ever done for myself.  1) It’s great exercise, and 2) it’s a great way for me to think about stuff (ideas, plans, whatever), and to learn about and pay attention to the natural things around me.  I just have this overwhelming….mellow.  Life is fancy.



My Food Diary

Walking: 30 minutes

Water: I think I’m at 12, but it might be 11. (Can you drink too much water?)

Sleep: I’m doing really well, which is probably part of the reason I’m so full of energy!  *laugh*

Wednesday-Vernal Equinox edition!

So, apparently  it’s Spring now! I think someone should let the Midwest know, because we’re supposed to get snow tonight. 😀  As for me, though, I like the equinoxes and suchlike, and to celebrate, I’m posting early, then I’m gonna go have a hard cider. I know, I know. *gasp* Alcohol makes you fat!!!  *shrug* I think 1 bottle of cider will not be my undoing (especially since I figured it in! *grin*),  I want to make sure that I remember this is about lifestyle change, not denial or punishment.  As little as I drink alcohol, I’m pretty sure it’s something I don’t have to worry about too much.  Same thing with coffee.  I’ve figured out that my coffee with equal and creamer is just fine. Which is nice, because my coffee drinking makes the lives of my gents a lot easier. 🙂

I pushed myself with my pushups and I think I may have overdone. *laugh* We’ll see how my arms are tomorrow.


My Food Diary

Water: (I’m on glass 6 right now, so I think I’ll make it. I’ll update before I go to bed!)

Pushups: 40, but I’m shakey typing this. haha

Wall site: 1 minute 40 seconds. Fairly brutal. (So I’m doing the right thing, maybe? *grin*)

Tuesday’s Gone…

I don’t *think* I’m going to make a habit of titling my entries with random songs, but I’m not going to promise anything. 🙂  Today was a work and homework day, so I don’t have much to report, other than I think I’m becoming a damn good designer, and I am really branching out with my jewelry designs. 🙂

Tomorrow’s entry is going to be short as well.  It’s the equinox, and I always make a big deal out of that. 🙂 I know I’m *ready* for Spring.

I know there are a few readers, WordPress tells me these things. 🙂 If anyone has any comments, suggestions, questions or whatever, please do comment. 🙂


My Food Diary

Pushups: 36

Wall Sit: I made it a minute 30, and the last ten seconds were LOOONNNG. 😀

Water: 4 cups (Ack!) I did get a 32 ounce cup to carry around with me, let’s see if that helps tomorrow.