It’s been a year.

Huh. My first post was March 7, 2013.  In a lot of ways, I feel like I’m in the same damn place I was this time last year. But I’m not.  I am far less angry about certain things, and I am not unwilling to go upstairs whenever I want. 🙂 I drink way more water than I was drinking a year ago, and I move a good deal more.  These are good things and reasons to celebrate and be mildly congratulatory. 🙂

However, I’m still (again, maybe?) eating kind of like crap. It’s not what I’m eating-I’m doing pretty well, although I’ve seen this last couple of weeks that I’ve let more processed stuff creep back in. It’s when and why I’m eating.

Eating for boredom is honestly, I think, the root of every bit of the weight gain over my lifetime.  And I let myself get hella bored this winter.

So this week has been one of list making and watching. I got a lot more walking in than I had been, and as I’ve said, I’m paying a lot more attention to what I eat and when and why. Next week will be about organizing my time so that I am less likely to be bored and snacky. 😀

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Maybe, Spring? (Not today, though. *grin*)

After what I hope is the last snow day of the year, I wake up to bitter cold (It’s apparently minus 8 degrees here), but the sun is rising, so I remain ever hopeful for a good, productive day.  It’s a work day- I have a handful of things I want to get done, but it’s also a good day to move my body out of this sluggish winter crap. *grin*

My hubby and I were making plans around the kinds of things we want to do this summer, and it’s really nice to be less afraid of physical things, like camping and trail walking.

It’s nice to be looking forward again. 🙂

I’m probably going to be inside most of today, but looking at the weather forecast-tomorrow’s high is 46 (Indiana weather really *is* ridiculous sometimes), so tomorrow I will make a point to be outside, if only to watch snow melt. *grin*

I know this is a short post today, but that’s more because I don’t have a ton going on. 🙂

Have a good day, folks, and I will be back tomorrow. *grin*

Hey, look, it’s Monday!

I changed the look of the blog again-I’m pretty happy with this one as it’s simple, and won’t sit there and look silly if I don’t get a header made for it. *grin*

Today is going to be a relatively short post about this week’s goals.  I’m back to taking baby steps. 😐

The first thing is that I’m going to blog every day this week (Well, Mon-Friday *grin*), even if it’s little things, I need to get that habit back.  I miss blogging-it helps my brain, and it’s wonderful to hear from others as well.

Next on my list is that I’m going to make sure I walk 30 minutes a day-even if it’s just from my front door to my back door for half an hour.  I’m kinda tired of feeling like crap.  I wish I could adequately explain how much this winter has kicked my ass, in terms of wanting to do anything that involves getting off my couch.

The last must do this week is that I’m getting back to tracking everything that goes into my mouth. I’ve gotten lazy about it, and I’ve seen this morning that I’ve lost some ground in terms of weight loss.

So, in short, this week is about feeling better, in all ways.

Have a good week everyone!

Staying Miserable is Hard Work, so let’s be lazy, yeah?

Apparently, all it takes to completely throw me off my stride is three weeks of Christmas vacation.  I’m working on it, though-getting back into the habit of blogging first thing in the morning (Well, right after breakfast. *grin*).

I have a lot of things on the list to blog about, so I should be fairly active for the next bit. *grin*

In small news, I’m moving the Day of Scale to Friday mornings, instead of Monday, because, for the last two weeks I’ve just flat forgotten to weigh myself until later in the day, and that’s dumb.  This morning, I’m at 351, which is actually better than I thought it’d be, because I ate so much sugar last week.

So, I finally feel like I’m back in a routine that I dig. J

I read this article a few weeks ago, but it’s stuck with me, because it is so true.  At least, it’s has been true for me.  I can think of times in my life where I engaged in every one of those behaviors, and I was, in fact, truly miserable.  I wish I’d have learned how much easier it is to be content and grateful much earlier than I did. There are still things on that list that I am working on.

I still have a lingering tendency to make everything about me, in my head.  I’m much better at catching that kind of thought and being able to say, “Seriously, Princess?”, but it still is something that I work on.

It’s a good list for me to keep onto, both to remember where I used to be, and to keep myself from going back there.